OPERA Property Management System

OPERA Property Management System

Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property provides a full-featured, property-management system that enables you to deliver world-class guest service and increase operational efficiency across the property.

Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property provides an open, flexible, property-management platform that can be tailored to the unique requirements of any property, from small boutiques to chain hotels. Its scalability enables you to easily adopt and extend capabilities as your business evolves. Numerous certified interfaces to third-party industry applications help integrate Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property with your enterprise systems for smooth, connected, technology-enabled processes.

Single- or multiproperty, on-site or cloud services, Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property provides you with the flexibility you need to meet your special business requirements.

Hosted in our own data centers, Oracle manages the entire cloud solution portfolio from server to application, allowing you to focus on your core business: delivering superior guest service.

Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property enable you to respond quickly to changing market conditions and increase the speed of innovation while reducing IT cost and complexity. Data center and application experts ensure 24×7 availability and security of your systems, including monitoring, alerting, auto remediation of common problems, patching, upgrading, backups, and endpoint security options.

Transform Your Business with Cloud Services

  • Accelerate time to market and innovation
  • Respond more quickly to changing market conditions
  • Stay up to date with compliance and security
  • Drive smarter decisions with real-time business intelligence
  • Reduce your onsite IT footprint
  • Maximize ROI on your IT spend

Grows with your needs

  • Premium, Standard, and Lite versions meet the various requirements and budgets of hotels
  • Highly modular design allows for phased deployment and adoption of new capabilities
  • Preconfigured feature set allows for extensions or customization
  • Multiple deployment options meet your business needs

With a proven track record of thousands of installations worldwide, Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property is a leading industry-standard hotel software solution, providing all the tools, services, and connectivity options needed to run and grow a successful business.

Profile Management

  • Ability to store comprehensive profile information and handle ID documents with full legal compliance
  • Easily manage relationships and link master and sub profiles
  • Categorize profiles by region or nationality and run targeted loyalty and frequent-flyer programs in local language


  • Automated enforcement of booking rules and schedules and availability control of resources, including item inventory
  • Detailed booking origin analyses through a variety of statistics, including market, source, and promotion-code reporting
  • Complex group bookings made easy with advanced group- management tools
  • Easy booking-related communication to staff and guest using tools such as traces and messages


  • Automate room allocation and assign least-occupied rooms first using intelligent accommodation management
  • Advanced rate and room availability restrictions
  • Enhanced rate-management capability offering a vast number of room pricing options, including best available rate, dynamic rates, daily rates, base rate, and negotiated rates
  • Flexible housekeeping management, including facility management option for linen-change frequency and amenities forecast


  • Transaction- and article-code management, including budget forecast, supported by a variety of financial reports
  • Ability to adjust postings including audit capabilities
  • Accounts receivable and commission handling available
  • Quick and batch post options, concession sales group postings, and quick and scheduled checkout


  • Over 360 standard reports
  • Built-in report customization and ability to create new reports
  • Scheduled reports and report export option for further processing, including Microsoft Excel