Oracle MICROS Workstation 8 Series

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Oracle MICROS Workstation 8 Series

The Oracle MICROS Workstation 8 Series showcases a subtle, architectural aesthetic that seamlessly blends into any environment. With its modular design and flexible options, customers can deploy hardware that not only aligns with the look of their brand but also drives operational efficiency and creates an effortless user experience for staff.


With the Oracle MICROS Workstation 8 Series, customers can expect the same level of quality and reliability they have come to trust from Oracle MICROS, in a modern, ergonomically designed and aesthetically sharp package.

  • 14-inch Full High-Definition Touch Display
  • Engineered to withstand harsh environments
  • Designed for high reliability and long-life use
  • IP-Rated to withstand splashes and spills
  • Anti-glare finish to reduce eye strain
  • Wi-Fi and Secure RFID for employee sign-in

The Oracle MICROS Workstation 8 Series features a slim, 14-inch touchscreen display with a warm platinum finish. With its modular design, customers have the option to implement the Workstation 820 on its own or optimize its full potential with the addition of the Peripheral Expansion Module. With two mount options, customers who prefer a sleek, minimalist design can opt for the Low Profile Stand, and for those desiring a more prominent look have the option of the Vertical Stand with Base